Division and Ages

UpdatedTuesday February 12, 2019 byShawn Ford.

Player Eligibility –                          

Ages and Weights – All Players must meet the Age / Weight limits.  The player’s age as of

August 1st of the current year shall determine team level of participation.  Player weight will

determine position eligibility, i.e. skilled player, X-Man.  Any player weighing heavier than the

skilled player weight will then be certified to participate as an X-Man only.  


8 and Under (8U)

Xman > 105lbs                          
10 and Under (10U)                          
Xman > 152bs                          
12 and Under (12U) - 12 year old players going into the 8th grade are required to play 14U.                          
Xman > 178lbs                          
14 and Under (14U) - Players entering 9th grade are ineligible to register/play.                          
No Xman Weight Limit                        

*SP = Skilled Player, Eligible to participate anywhere on the field of play. 

X-Man = A player weighing more than the SP weights.  Eligible to participate on the offensive line

within the Free Blocking zone.  Eligible to participate on the Defensive line within the free blocking

zone; may advance the ball during a fumble or interception.  May participate on Kick off and Kick

off return teams on the front line only.  X-Man will be encouraged to wear a jersey number in the

60s, 70s, so as to be easily recognizable to the officials. X-Man is allowed to be punter and kicker

on special teams.  Xman will wear SYF authorized (Only) sticker on the rear of the helmet.   

** Cut Blocking/Low blocking below the waist is NOT allowed at any level, for safety reasons